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  5. <title>Caveat Lector</title>
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  7. <description>Reader Beware!</description>
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  13. <title>&lt;i&gt;Spirited Away&lt;/i&gt;</title>
  14. <description>If the latest Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke) film is playing where you are, do please go see it. (No spoilers following, which is costing me much pain, but so be it.) I am sad to say you will be putting a bit of your money in the pockets...</description>
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  18. <title>Don&amp;#8217;t go there</title>
  19. <description>Game WISH wants to know what&amp;#8217;s off the table. Where I won&amp;#8217;t go. You mean, aside from maturity-challenged males and their masturbatory fantasies? Right, right, okay, you all knew that already. Truth be told, I&amp;#8217;ll put up with a lot, and I&amp;#8217;ll try almost anything. There&amp;#8217;s really not very much...</description>
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  23. <title>This category</title>
  24. <description>You know, I hate that I even have this category. I hate it. I hate talking about this stuff; I hate thinking about it. In my non-blog life, it doesn&amp;#8217;t come up much, frankly, aside from the occasional obvious grunch, or a snide comment about television&amp;#8217;s representation of women. (I...</description>
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  28. <title>So I said to myself</title>
  29. <description>So I said to myself, &amp;#8220;Self, you are planting your fat butt in front of that laptop and you are not moving (well, except to take care of the herb bread rising in the oven) until that library school application is done, essay and all.&amp;#8221; Fat butt firmly planted, I...</description>
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  33. <title>Hey, y&amp;#8217;all</title>
  34. <description>Pretty good traffic spike yesterday. I&amp;#8217;m not quite sure why, except that I ran my mouth on a &amp;#8220;hot&amp;#8221; blogthread. The weird thing is that I&amp;#8217;ve got pages in my referrer logs that I&amp;#8217;ll be darned if I can find a link to me on. Which is okay; the pages...</description>
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  38. <title>Real keen format, huh?</title>
  39. <description>Is it just me, or is it totally ironic that the documentation for Open Office&amp;#8217;s much-hyped XML-based file format should be a giganto-humongous PDF file? Dog food. Bowl. Eat. I mean, geez, nobody&amp;#8217;s figured out an XHTML transform for this yet? I can&amp;#8217;t believe that....</description>
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  43. <title>Stupid XSLT question</title>
  44. <description>I started on an XSLT stylesheet last night, for nefarious purposes of my own, and ran into a snag with the encoding attribute on xsl:output. (Yes, I do know xsl: is just a prefix and the XSLT namespace URI is the important bit. I&amp;#8217;m using the same prefix shorthand that...</description>
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  48. <title>Disambiguation</title>
  49. <description>Seems Shelley wants to whomp me a good one, after I spent yesterday implying (though not actually saying) that money inevitably corrupts writing. Okay, Bb, I&amp;#8217;ll whomp myself this evening. No, Tutor, Dick, and Candidia, no video, sorry&amp;#8212;and no, you may not participate, either. This is strictly an auto-flagellatory experience,...</description>
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  53. <title>No comment(s)</title>
  54. <description>No comments on CavLec. Not now. Not ever. I apologize to my readers who want them, but that really is the way it has to be. I&amp;#8217;ve mentioned before how conflict-averse I am, far more than the average person. This is one of those things you&amp;#8217;ll just have to believe...</description>
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  58. <title>It&amp;#8217;s official</title>
  59. <description>In response to a conversational opening too good to ignore, I told my office today that I was applying to library school. Crud. Guess I actually have to finish doing it now. C&amp;#8217;mon, it&amp;#8217;s just one little essay&amp;#8230; you can write one silly little essay, you know you can&amp;#8230; (Yes,...</description>
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  63. <title>Soulless PR flacks</title>
  64. <description>I wonder sometimes where people think soulless PR flacks, such as those responsible for the latest idiotic Microsoft blunder, come from. They&amp;#8217;re born, not made, is what folks seem to want to think. If you weren&amp;#8217;t born a sellout, you&amp;#8217;ve nothing to worry about. I honestly don&amp;#8217;t think it&amp;#8217;s that...</description>
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  68. <title>Incorruptibility</title>
  69. <description>A postscript to my previous post: I want to yell &amp;#8220;Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?&amp;#8221; when I see discussions of integrity and money. A very, very, very few people are genuinely incorruptible. You can&amp;#8217;t pay them, you can&amp;#8217;t seduce them, you can&amp;#8217;t blind them with praise, you...</description>
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  73. <title>Blogging for dollars</title>
  74. <description>I wanted to stay quiet on the Blogging for Dollars thing until Tom and AKMA had weighed in. I figured they&amp;#8217;d handle it all, and I wouldn&amp;#8217;t even have to be bothered. Well, mostly. AKMA got closest to where I was going: (d) When we’ve been most effectively seduced, we’re...</description>
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  78. <title>Oops&amp;#8212;female after all</title>
  79. <description>Over on We Have Brains the question du jour is what aspects of stereotypical femininity one embraces. (As for archetypes, I don&amp;#8217;t believe in them, except as jumped-up stereotypes.) Er. This question frankly makes me squirm. Question of how I construct my self, you see. It&amp;#8217;s not hard to find...</description>
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  83. <title>Right&amp;#8212;who&amp;#8217;s reading my code?</title>
  84. <description>The latest bugfix release of Python is out, and just for fun I wandered over and read the changelog. (Yes, I have weird ideas of fun. Seriously, I&amp;#8217;m looking to see if they&amp;#8217;re ever going to fix the maximum-recursion problem in the re module. I still have hope&amp;#8230;) One of...</description>
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